Kristina Korb GmbH is a global full service boutique photography agency


Our clients have known and appreciate that they can rely on the quality of our work for more than 25 years, thanks to our experience in the photo & film sector, which is becoming increasingly important on all channels especially in these complex times. Our passion lies in a close and personal cooperation with our clients that creates an environment of trust and professionalism. Loyalty and Creativity are what we get recognized and loved for - and we take pride in never losing our passions - even when faced with the greatest challenges. Representing premier photography talent in the commercial & fashion industries, we deliver proven strategies for client service and producing the appropriate projects. With 25 years of experience in the photography and film field, we take pride in our superior quality of service, select the appropriate talent and design the winning solution to meet the clients’ needs. Our approach ensures that both client and artist have a mutually beneficial engagement and that all parties have satisfied their business objectives. Kristina Korb GmbH also provides a creative pool of professional photographers and directors, each offering a unique and exceptional approach to the photographic arts. More talents upon request, let us know your needs. Kristina Korb GmbH not only represents amazing talents, but also offers a wide range of consulting services around the visual production business. also for extern artists. We also support freelance photographers with their calculation and organisation process for productions all over the world.